Thursday, December 31, 2009

Music for Media Laucnhes!

In the age of diminishing returns on traditional forms of advertising many marketer's are looking for new and innovative ways to sell more effectively to their target customers. One of those ways is through adding music to their sales process.

Did you know that adding the right music to your salespages can make or increase sales of your product?

The offline world has been doing this for many decades from retail stores that serenade you when you walk in, restaurants that make you feel relaxed, malls that make you slow down and of course Hollywood movie trailers that leave you wanting to see more. It's all about the experience you create for your customers.

People experience the world with their all 5 of their senses. Make your customers experience your message not only with their eyes but also their ears. The web is becoming more integrated with our senses every year.

Many customers feel that the owner of a store or ecommerce site care about the customer when the customer has something to listen to and inspire additional and future purchases.

Listen to musical loop samples

A study conducted reported that 70% of retailers believe that music increases sales. Many large chain retailer's in the United States are using music effectively to sell more. Another study indicates using the right type of music can effectively reduce anxiety, increase positive mood ratings, alleviate depression, and decrease frustration. One of the most interesting statistic to come out of that study is more than 40% of shoppers who heard uplifting and positive music made an unplanned purchase.

If you aren't catering to more senses than sight you need to be. Enhance your sales experience and sell more products by using high quality, high definition music.

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